May 28, 2023


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Which tool is better? Zonbase or Helium 10

ZonBase is a cloud-based program, thus nothing needs to be installed on your computer. It also comes with a Chrome Extension that makes it easier to conduct Amazon product research. Helium 10 is without a doubt the most effective and widely used marketing technique. It now comes with everything needed in a single package. Unsurprisingly, among sellers, Helium 10 is the best substitute for Jungle Scout. Before starting Amazon business you should know about which tool to choose and to learn more you can visit the below link

  • Free Trial:

Instead of a free account in this instance, the ZonBase platform offers a 7-day free trial of the software. The key distinction is that you can use all of the features without any limitations here; however, if you want to keep your membership beyond the trial time, you should then choose a plan and add a payment method. Although the ZonBase free trial is short in compared to some other solutions, it is sufficient to show how well it can serve your needs.

For Helium 10, there are no free trials accessible. Instead, Helium 10 offers its users a completely free Helium 10 account. For a brief time, the free account for Helium 10 gives users constrained access to some of the program’s core features. You don’t have to pay anything to get started, and a credit card is not required.

  • Cost:

Although ZonBase is less well-known than Helium 10, the price difference is negligible. Their selections range from $47 to $97 each month. These costs are reduced to $ 37 and $ 67 each month, respectively, if you pick an annual membership. Additionally, ZonBase is the only other platform that provides a la carte pricing for the majority of its capabilities and allows customers to purchase services on an ad-hoc basis (such as product launches, done-for-you PPC campaigns, and coaching).

It also provides a third pricing category for retailers who sell more than 100 products on the Amazon marketplace. Given that Helium 10 is arguably the best all-in-one Amazon Seller tool platform currently available, its price is not surprising. Additionally, of all the Helium 10 options available, it provides the highest level of customization.  You have two options: a set plan (costing between $ 97 and $ 397) or an a la carte option (costing between $ 17 and $ 97), where you pay according to how much you use (although not all of the tools are available).

  • Accuracy of Sales Estimates:

Despite not being the best, ZonBase’s sales accuracy of 85% is nonetheless impressive. This sets it apart greatly from other well-known programs like ASIN Spector and Unicorn Smasher. These are all fascinating new tools to keep an eye on, but ZonBase is (if only slightly) more dependable because it provides a more precise estimate of sales. It’s not shocking that Helium 10’s data is trustworthy and reliable given that it is directly obtained from Amazon. With a 96 percent accuracy rate, it now has the highest sales accuracy rate in the sector. This information shows why Helium 10 is used frequently by even the most seasoned Amazon retailers.