May 28, 2023


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ValetPRO 24Plus Ceramic Coating – New for 2022


The ValetPRO variety has just about every little thing you could quite possibly will need for a massive detailing session on your car’s exterior. Excellent pre-clean and wash solutions, accessories these as detailing brushes, microfibres and drying towels. Then there are top rated-notch waxes, glass cleaners and tyre dressing products for individuals ending touches. Now, we can at last insert ValetPRO 24In addition Ceramic Coating to the assortment.

ValetPRO 24Plus

You could say it has been the missing piece in the ValetPRO product jigsaw. Absolutely everyone else seems to present a ceramic coating these days, so what about ValetPRO? Very well, it has been a lengthy time coming, mostly many thanks to the intense research, testing and development to make certain the products delivers the products. It surely does not disappoint.

ValetPRO 24Plus

Perfect for the property consumer & enthusiast

The key purpose with ValetPRO 24In addition was to make it available for the house car care fanatic, but also definitely basic to implement and buff off. That is undoubtedly two ticks for ValetPRO there and talking of ‘two’, that’s accurately the amount of several years safety you can delight in at the time completely coated and healed.

Valet PRO 24Plus

If the above wasn’t more than enough to convince you, then check out out the official video clip from ValetPro underneath! There’s a complete ‘how to’ demonstration together with product details and the amazing close final results on this hanging blue Porsche.

What is ValetPRO 24Additionally? The aspects about this new ceramic coating

ValetPRO 24As well as Ceramic Coating £48.00

24As well as Ceramic Coating has been formulated with the property auto care enthusiast in intellect, as it boasts basic application methods and extraordinary sturdiness, all without having getting as well high priced on the pocket. Enjoy up to 2 many years durability with ValetPRO 24In addition Ceramic Coating when surfaces are well maintained in potential maintenance washes.

ValetPRO’s goal with 24Additionally was to establish a products that would not be as well sophisticated for the house person, but continue to offer you the significant high quality performance linked with some a lot more practical experience options – some thing it absolutely does to comprehensive outcome.

  • Paintwork security item
  • Straightforward to implement ceramic coating security for your auto
  • Up to 2 a long time protected toughness
  • Supplies remarkable hydrophobic safety
  • Spectacular drinking water beading capabilities
  • High-quality shine and gloss

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