May 28, 2023


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Used car buying guide: Smart Roadster

Used car buying guide: Smart Roadster

System: The grey powder-coated Tridion cell resists corrosion, but black-painted kinds demonstrate indications of it, irrespective of staying galvanised. Test the lacquer issue on the plastic physique panels.

Leaks: On both of those products, h2o can enter by way of the rear still left-hand corner of the roof, the top of the A-pillar where by a few seals fulfill, the windscreen scuttle and, most significantly, the bulkhead, wherever it operates down the wiring loom into the system regulate module.

Inside: Examine the dashboard LEDs illuminate and the air-con works (its compressor hoses perish simply.) Ensure that the electricity hood operates and the official tyre maintenance package is present.

Also truly worth realizing

The authentic-spec 15in wheels and tyres are very best. Don’t be hung up on a Brabus variation: they’re extra highly effective but price tag extra and occur with a lessen trip peak and even larger wheels. Do get a Roadster with the optional change paddles, however. 

This automobile is very frugal. The essential product will give you 55mpg and the Brabus just 2mpg a lot less. Insurance plan starts in team 10 and the Brabus is in group 14. The lower-specification model is the Light-weight and is marginally cheaper to run, but you’re conversing about pennies somewhat than lbs ..

The Brabus-tuned variation will come with leather trim and a bodykit. This model was introduced in 2004, and with the more enhance, you get a top rated speed of 119mph – and it will take you to 60mph in 9.5sec.