June 6, 2023


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The Rudy Ramos Roadster

The Rudy Ramos Roadster | The Jalopy Journal The Jalopy Journal

The Rudy Ramos Roadster

I simply cannot support it. I’m nevertheless on a race car kick. I have a tendency to tumble into these obsessions from time to time… which is great, but I also tend to dwell on points to a point previous compulsion. So if race vehicles aren’t your issue, you are just gonna have to wait around me out. Be affected individual.

In any scenario, previous night’s repair came by way of Rudy Ramos and his observe roadster. It was highlighted on the July, 1948 go over of Scorching Rod Journal as the “Hot Rod Of The Month” and frankly, deserved each little bit of that. See, this motor vehicle was special… Not only did Rudy at times (and illegally) brave the streets of LA in his race car, but he also raced it both at S.C.T.A. trials as nicely as on C.R.A. circle tracks. As a C-course roadster, it ran 118mph in 1945 and in circles it was regarded 1 of the fastest in Southern California.

Not to mention… I mean, is there a racier seeking early Ford than a t-keep track of roadster with a nerf bar and cowl steering? Throw on a Bell helmet and some goggles and you sense like you are going 118mph just sitting down there.

I listened to from a buddy in Hawaii that Rudy died in a drag racing accident on Kauai in 2009, but my study discovered the accident in dilemma involved a various Rudy Ramos. Digging further, I identified that immediately after making this roadster Rudy bought hooked on jet boats and sooner or later launched Rayson-Craft Boats. He is now regarded a pioneer of Southern California Power Boat Racing.

WWII P-38 powered Rayson-Craft constructed in component by Rudy Ramos and deemed a single of the most dominant “Marathon Boat” of the 1960’s.

But what I discover much more appealing is Rudy’s background just before the roadster. In January of 1946, Rudy and his pal Ray Storms have been performing on a motor vehicle along the aspect of the road when another automobile shed control and skidded into them. Ray was killed practically quickly and Rudy put in months in the clinic with inner injuries such as a damaged arm and leg.

The fact that Rudy was capable to get around that accident as well as the demise of his friend and continue to continue to be lively in motor sports activities is inspiring to me.  So much so that I have found myself studying Rudy’s lifestyle extra and more… which, of course, has me deep into the rabbit hole of race boats.

Damn you Rudy. I hope you are joyful.