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By Paul Kaganzi


Paul, when I get started my Gaia and I engage and start off accelerating, it usually takes prolonged to have interaction into the following equipment (about 200 metres). When it eventually does (I’m not confident if it’s the 2nd or 3rd gear) it does so with a jerk and provides up the engine look at light on the dashboard. It also flashes out the “O/D off” light.  Shockingly, when you halt while the motor is working and the motor test mild is on, there is no jerking when partaking to the upcoming gear from the to start with equipment. The gears appear to be engaging simply but I’m not absolutely sure if the in excess of-drive equipment receives engaged due to the fact the use of gas is a little greater and the velocity is a bit compromised. What could be the issue with my car?

Present Kataya.

Hi Reward, your Toyota GAIA may have a faulty automated transmission. This is proposed by the delayed gear shifts when you drive, violent jerking as gears change and the flashing Over Generate gentle which suggests the existence of a diagnostic difficulty code in the gearbox personal computer.

The inadequate gas economic climate and normal performance appears dependable with very poor gearbox change excellent and the other indications talked about above. You will need a good technician to test the gearbox oil high quality and amount. It may be aged, really soiled or much too very little.

A laptop or computer analysis of the gearbox module will present a fault code which will verify whether or not the gearbox hurt is electrical or mechanical.


The outcome of the inspection and analysis will manual the fix motion.

The existence of a check engine emission fault light implies that you require to check the emission system (oxygen sensors, catalytic convertors) which might be ruined owing to a faulty air consumption, ignition or gas shipping procedure.

It is achievable to have a mix of motor and gearbox faults, immediately after all the two work jointly to assure good car functionality and fuel effectiveness.

WHY DOES MY MERCEDES A150 Slice Electrical power WHEN I Travel UPHILL?

Hi there Paul, my identify is Tom from Mbale. My Mercedes A150 is giving me hassle. It cuts ability particularly when driving uphill. Even so, it appears to have power driving in reverse. A mechanic in city ran a analysis and prompt that I need to have to substitute the air move metre. Remember to give me a second impression.  This is the fault he identified: P2020-002 Ingestion Manifold Runner Situation Sensor / Swap Circuit Vary Overall performance Bank 2.

Howdy Tom, this diagnostic fault code is about the worth presented by the ingestion manifold movement manage valve/situation sensor, also referred to as identified as an IMRC valve/sensor. This is at just one close of the intake manifold. The IMRC allows the vehicle’s PCM handle the quantity of air becoming authorized into the motor at a variety of RPMs.

This will either be a mechanical or an electrical circuit fault, based on auto manufacturer and gasoline process.

Widespread indications related with this fault code include things like: the examine motor mild on your dashboard, decreased engine electric power and gasoline economy as very well as occasional misfire.

The prevalent leads to of the above motor fault are: dirty, sticking or defective throttle plates or IMRC valve in lender 2. 

A faulty IMRC actuator can also trigger this trouble.  From time to time a poor Powertrain Management Module (engine pc).

Inquire your technician to obtain the IMRC actuator and inspect it for deposit or place infiltration to see if it only desires to be cleaned. In the occasion that there is mechanical harm these as damaged plates then the device wants to be replaced.  If the IMRC is found to be all right then examine the engine pc.

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