August 12, 2022


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Supercar Blondie Goes on a Test Drive with the Vision EQXX

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Supercar Blondie Goes on a Test Drive with the Vision EQXX

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Immediately after a amazing journey that noticed the Mercedes-Benz Eyesight EQXX operating up to 747 miles on a one charge from Germany all the way to the British isles, we now get a tour of the car’s essential features and driving efficiency in a new online video by the famous vlogger Supercar Blondie.

So far, the facts regarding the powertrain of the EQXX stays scarce. All we know is that it guarantees all around 750 miles on a solitary charge of its 100 kWh battery, which is just 3 miles shorter of its current demo from Stuttgart to Silverstone. We also know that it has a drag coefficient of cd .17.

With the new online video from Supercar Blondie, we get to examine more about the EV’s exterior, inside, and driving dynamics. Beginning off, she shows us how the car’s body weight reduction measures and aerodynamic layout have contributed to its amazing electrical variety. The presenter factors to the photo voltaic roof of the motor vehicle as very well as its regenerative braking, as well, which further increase to its electrical power efficiency in spite of getting the exact same wheelbase as the C-Course and being heavier by all over 220 lbs since of its battery pack.

Together the way, we get a nearer glance at the materials utilized in the cabin of the motor vehicle to help save weight and keep its environmentally-pleasant concept like the utilization of gentle but sturdy recycled elements and plant-centered aspects like the mats created of bamboo strands, cactus leather, and mushroom fabric.

We get to expertise what it is like to be on the entrance passenger seat of the EQXX also the place we get to see its hyperscreen exhibiting EQ-distinct graphics on get started furthermore indicators demonstrating the vitality acquire, use, and efficiency calculations of the car or truck that are of good assistance in deciding how far it can go throughout real drives.

Pay out much more consideration and you’ll see Mercedes’ flagship EV, the EQS 580, filming the EQXX by the finish of the movie. That is just how exclusive it is!


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