June 7, 2023


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Sir Lewis Hamilton Enters Bid To Buy Chelsea FC From Sanctioned Russian Oligarch


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It has been pretty crystal clear to any individual paying out focus that Lewis Hamilton has spent the last couple a long time off-monitor placing up what he’ll do at the time he retires from System A single. The seven-time world champ now owns an Excessive E racing workforce, a vegan restaurant referred to as Neat Burger, a clothes line, and has been writing and recording audio for about a decade. On Thursday the news arrived that Hamilton was associated with a consortium energy to purchase British soccer club Chelsea, together with Sir Martin Broughton and Serena Williams, among other people.

While Hamilton has described himself as a lifestyle-extended Arsenal fan, now is a great time to commit in Chelsea. Initial of all, the club has been owned by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich due to the fact 2003. Abramovich was just lately sanctioned by the United kingdom authorities, and are unable to advantage financially from the sale of the club, even though as a opportunity peace broker amongst Russia and Ukraine, Abramovich has declared proceeds from the sale will go specifically to victims of the war. Secondly, Chelsea is the reigning FIFA Club World Cup championship staff, with some rather fantastic gamers on the squad. I have under no circumstances listened to of any of them simply because I know fuck all about Brit footy, aside from what I figured out looking at Ted Lasso.

Reviews suggest that Hamilton and tennis champ Williams have each individual ponied up ten million lbs as part of the bid. Hamilton’s illustration has confirmed that he is involved with the bid, but would not verify how substantially he was in for. It would make feeling that Hamilton would want to get involved in the activity, getting that he’s a long-time fan and critically wealthy. That is just the kind of detail rich British persons do, right? The person is 37 years aged, and just cannot continue to keep racing permanently. At some issue he’ll retire and will need to do some thing else. Why not make investments in soccer?

There is very little expressing he and his consortium will gain the bid, however, as it is reported that at minimum two other groups are intrigued in purchasing the club. That said, it would possibly be in the team’s best curiosity to be at least partially owned by a person of Britain’s most famed sports personalities.


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