June 6, 2023


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McLaren P1 Flooded By Hurricane Ian After Just One Week Of Ownership

McLaren P1 Flooded By Hurricane Ian After Just One Week Of Ownership

With the exception of a couple of amphibious vehicles, cars are not meant to roll from the highway and on to bodies of water. However, a single of the 375 present McLaren P1s in the environment experienced to working experience so mainly because of Hurricane Ian, which has been wreaking havoc in the southeast part of the US, particularly in Florida.

The yellow McLaren P1 here was owned by another person named Ernie, who goes by the Instagram manage lambo9286. The man owns an outstanding garage in Florida, and the hottest motor vehicle to be a part of his collection was a fairly new McLaren P1 that only had 300 miles on the clock. The restricted generation hybrid supercar arrived into his possession just a 7 days back based mostly on the owner’s social media posts.


Regretably, the floods induced by Hurricane Ian pressured his McLaren P1 out of the garage and on to the streets. Ernie’s fairly eager on providing updates about this flooded P1 to his followers, even documenting the second prior to it escaped his garage.

Ernie’s most up-to-date update, which you can see on the embedded social media article higher than (or by the source website link under), noticed the P1 out on the streets sitting down above a toilet. Which is fairly a crappy circumstance, with every little thing going down the drain quickly.


To make matters even worse, the owner’s brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom was also flooded and ended up out on the streets after the wet ordeal. It really is not identified if there are other vehicles from Ernie’s selection that endured the similar destiny. The movie from the embedded Instagram submit earlier mentioned reveals the two the P1 and the Wraith while floating in flood h2o.

Unnecessary to say, this is very highly-priced damage to one’s home prompted by a pressure of mother nature. We absolutely sure do hope that this guy’s insurance policy experienced this protected, as with the other damages caused by the floods in Florida.