June 1, 2023


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Hyundai to use quantum computing for autonomous vehicles


Does quantum computing have a future in autonomous driving?

Hyundai Motor has announced it’s increasing its existing partnership with U.S. quantum computing firm IonQ to contain a venture that applies quantum device mastering to image classification and 3D item detection for autonomous automobiles.

A quantum pc in its most straightforward form is a machine that does a extremely precise variety of math to accomplish calculations, but does so at speeds other computers theoretically simply cannot match.

Hyundai beforehand minimal its partnership with IonQ, which it introduced in January 2022, to build algorithms that could generate larger performance and efficiency from next-generation lithium electric automobile (EV) batteries.

IonQ quantum pcs are unique from other quantum computing units as they use trapped ions, which are claimed to deliver superior outcomes to superconducting wire or crystalline silicon.

Hyundai states by encoding photographs into quantum states, IonQ is “already effectively underway” in classifying 43 distinctive styles of highway indications employing its quantum processors.

Its upcoming section is apparently implementing the device studying data to exam environments that simulate a variety of actual-planet situations.

Hyundai and IonQ will also grow their latest operate on recognising road symptoms to include other objects like pedestrians and cyclists.

“We are energized to extend our existing relationship with Hyundai Motor to concentration on an additional critical factor of future-generation mobility,” stated IonQ president and CEO Peter Chapman.

“From partnering on battery analysis for electric powered autos to impression classification and item detection study for automated driving, we count on to see quantum computer systems turn out to be an even a lot more integral element in producing novel transportation alternatives.”

IonQ was established in 2015 and is a leader in trapped-ion quantum computing. It has beforehand labored with Amazon, Microsoft and Google to create cloud-based mostly quantum computing software program.

Hyundai is aiming to set a self-driving Ioniq 5 Robotaxi into services with the Lyft trip-sharing app in the US from 2023.

Formulated by Motional, the Ioniq 5 Robotaxi is said to be a Stage 4 autonomous auto which is able of driving itself without having human intervention in conditions it was developed to take care of, but can continue to be driven by a individual.

It is equipped with a suite of 30 sensors, which include cameras, radar and LiDAR models.

Motional claims this components offers the car a 360-degree see of the earth, and makes it possible for for “ultra-long vary detection of objects for risk-free autonomous procedure in assorted driving environments”.

Hyundai’s components and services arm, Hyundai Mobis, has also beforehand produced a prototype folding steering wheel system for self-driving cars.

Getting two decades to produce, this folding steering wheel technology is predicted to be executed in upcoming autonomous Hyundai, Genesis and Kia autos.

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