June 7, 2023


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Hyundai Glovis takes steps to prevent auto fires on ships | News


Fire Response System

The transfer arrives at a time when a lot more electric autos are getting moved by ocean transportation and in the wake of a quantity of critical vessel fires at sea. In the most the latest incident, the Mitsui OSK Line (MOL) vesselFelicity Ace caught fireplace in the mid-Atlantic with 4,000 autos aboard and finally sank.  

When not completely the induce of completed car or truck fires at sea, the lithium-ion batteries utilized to electricity EVs are high and can melt away with large depth if they are damaged simply because of thermal runaway, in which an raise in temperature adjustments the disorders in a way that causes temperature feed-back. It can be induced by an interior brief circuit or by batteries coming into get in touch with with each other or coming into contact with conductive content or metal surfaces it can even be caused by an too much motion that prospects to destruction.   

Hyundai Glovis transported about 250,000 EVs in 202, accounting for about 45% of the world wide EV actions by ocean.  

Keep track of and control 
The steps currently being taken by Hyundai Glovis to handle fires begin with periodic temperature monitoring and the installation of warmth/smoke detectors to stop hearth. CCTV is also mounted on every single deck of the cargo bays to keep track of the condition of the loaded auto, the two intended to catch the danger of fireplace in the early stages. The enterprise has also installed an onboard hearth address and h2o mist lance to speedily have any fire that is detected.   

In accordance to Hyundai Glovis, the fire cover is a specially coated cloth that can be pulled onto a burning motor vehicle to protect against oxygen inflow, flip off the hearth, and block warmth and smoke. The business mentioned it was produced in Norway in 2014 and has been confirmed successful in blocking the unfold of fires in EVs. It is previously getting utilized by institutions this sort of as hearth departments.   

The organization said the go over efficiently helps prevent hearth spreading from one particular car to the up coming even if the cargo is densely loaded, as tends to be the situation on car carriers.   

The h2o mist lance is a fireplace extinguisher with pipes and nozzles that lets the person to spray drinking water directly on locations even if they are in enclosed spaces. The operator can insert a very long tube of much more than one particular metre into a motor vehicle and spray water shut to the bottom of the motor vehicle. 

For the added safety of the crew, flame-retardant and heat-resistant materials and purification filters have been included with fire evacuation masks. They can filter out gases.   

The enterprise has also drawn up a new guide with steering for blocking accidents and responding to emergency situations backed up with teaching at least two times a 12 months.   

“We have set up a program to have an understanding of the transforming craze of the vehicle market and to pre-emptively meet the requirements of shippers,” stated a spokesperson for the corporation. “We will continue on to lead the world-wide current market by introducing differentiated capabilities.”  

Loading tactic
Hyundai Glovis is also using steps in the allocation of cars in the vessel. EVs, which are heavier than standard combustion-engine vehicles, will be stored in the decrease flooring of the vessel as considerably as feasible.   

“The temperature of the flooring is fairly regular, so that [an] even excellent of the automobile can be taken care of,” mentioned the company in a assertion, adding this would assistance in the suppression of any fires.   

That is also likely to assist with harmony and prevention of vessel listing. Hyundai Glovis did not assert this gain, but its Golden Ray auto carrier vessel capsized in 2019 simply because of inaccurate balance calculations, in accordance to the conclusions of the Countrywide Transportation Security Board (NTSB). Parking heavier EVs evenly alongside the bottom of the vessel will help with balance and incorporate the autos further absent from the crew. 


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