June 6, 2023


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From the motorsport archive: On this day in 1925

From the motorsport archive: On this day in 1925

Components 1 very last weekend visited Monza, which is 1 of the most historic circuits on the roster, getting been opened and hosted its 1st Italian Grand Prix in 1921

In 1925, we watched trackside as the aged environment defended towards the new world. “[Alfa Romeo’s Giuseppe] Campari, the Italian favourite, was 1st off the line [Duesenberg’s] Tom Milton stalled and went away incredibly leisurely at the close of the procession.” Quickly the other Duesenberg of Peter Kreis had captured the lead, the Alfas bunched up at the rear of him, but in a flash his gearbox failed terminally.

The red autos of Gastone Brilli Peri and Pete De Paolo pitted on lap 33, supplying Milton the lead, with Campari struggling engine difficulties as he rejoined the race. The white-and-blue Duesenberg then followed fit with a broken oil pipe, and whilst Milton recovered perfectly from this 20-minute setback, he was only back up to fifth by lap 70, whilst Brilli Peri led De Paolo by seven minutes. 

He held on for the ultimate 10, taking the flag following five hrs, 14 minutes, forward of Campari and the 1.5-litre-class Bugatti of Meo Costantini.

“Words are unsuccessful to describe the wild pleasure of the crowds as he received the Italian Grand Prix and the [inaugural] environment championship.”