June 1, 2023


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Cumbria Classic Car Club host first major event of their year


CARS: CCCC have first meeting of their year

Vehicles: CCCC have initial meeting of their 12 months

Previous 7 days Cumbria Basic Car Club held their initially significant celebration of their club year.

This consisted of an evening ‘Fox Hunt Run’ close to the Penrith location with a selection of users finding involved.

In excess of 40 users and 20 autos adopted a ‘tulip’ type navigational route from Penrith Rugby Club to the Fox Inn at Ousby.

The club thanked the rugby club for permitting them use their facility and the Fox Inn furnished the members with a pie and chips evening food served with nearby beers.

A spokesperson from Cumbria Common Motor vehicle Club said: “The 37 mile route passed as a result of the lanes of Brougham, Lowther and Askham, alongside the gated street to Whale, Bampton Grange, Rosgill, Shap and back via Crosby Ravensworth, the new ‘Irish’ ford bridge at King’s Meaburn, Morland and Culgaith.

“We hoped for night sunlight did not materialise, but the downpours of before gave way to rather dry if grey skies, though soaked and muddy lanes entailed several several hours of article-operate traditional car or truck cleansing.”

The club caters generally to the north of the county like Penrith, Keswick and Carlisle. They welcome old car makes as properly as ‘modern classics.’

To locate out much more details please pay a visit to the adhering to backlink: http://cccclub.co.united kingdom/.


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