May 28, 2023


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Audi R8 - Pre-Show Detailing Preparation With Joe Huntley

Audi R8 – Pre-Show Detailing Preparation With Joe Huntley

It appears a good whilst a go now that we have been getting ready for detailing’s ‘greatest present on earth’. We are of class chatting about Waxstock. For the demonstrate in Coventry this year, Greatest End were being on hand to support German manufacturer, Nanolex and one of the tasks we had was to discover a ideal vehicle to exhibit on the stand.

Anything German would be get of the working day and as luck would have it, a good friend of a pal was kind enough to lend us the keys to his day-to-day driver – an Audi R8. Finest information of all (and not for Joe Huntley), this was a day-to-day driver in each individual perception of the phrase. It was filthy!

Audi R8

With the totally thorough Audi R8 symbolizing Nanolex on the stand, we sent Joe a box of Nanolex goodies that would be a lot more than able of bringing this meaty V8 back again to its former glory.

Audi R8

Audi R8 Pre-Display Preparing Provides Remarkable Transformation

As you will see in Joe’s total video clip, this Audi expected a genuinely thorough decontamination, equally inside and out. Joe uses a complete host of the Nanolex selection in just about every course of action. Like pre-clean, clean, decontamination, drying, equipment sharpening and security.

Audi R8

Equipment Polishing Created Easy with Nanolex

With the paintwork on this Audi R8 getting black, it meant that imperfections prompted for the duration of preceding clean phases were being incredibly obvious indeed. Joe would be employing a blend of Nanolex Ultra Slice and Nanolex Ending Polish during the equipment polishing phase, two products which are particularly quick to use and produce wonderful success, fast.

As soon as entirely device polished the R8 would be shielded utilizing just one of Nanolex’s well known sealant choices, Si3D Max – a sealant which, just like all of the Nanolex sealant range, is especially uncomplicated to install.

Check out out Joe’s whole detailing video below – the final transformation was surely effectively worthy of gracing the Waxstock display

Detailing a Black Audi R8 for Final Complete & Waxstock | Washing, Correction & Ceramic Coating at?v=TT1QtboPqGA

Nanolex Pure Shampoo from £15.90

Nanolex Pure Shampoo is a extremely successful, nevertheless very gentle (pH-neutral), phosphate and NTA-absolutely free exterior car or truck shampoo. The specialist blend of surfactants assures extremely productive cleaning, and detergent houses which give significant foaming and fantastic slip qualities. Dunk your wash mitt into your clean bucket comprehensive of Nanolex Pure Shampoo and load it up with suds and take pleasure in a gorgeous glide throughout the panels you are operating on. This is a shampoo that is normally utilized by qualified detailers thanks to its consistent and safe and sound washing cleansing capabilities. For an even better protection of the solution, you can even deploy Nanolex Pure shampoo into your favorite tension washer lance to ensure no place goes uncovered.

  • Phosphate & NTA absolutely free
  • pH neutral
  • Wax & sealant pleasant
  • Produced, tested & manufactured in Germany

Nanolex Glue Ex from £11.90

Nanolex Experienced Glue EX consists of a freshly formulated formula to assist supply an even extra extraordinary overall performance when on the lookout to eliminate in particular really hard or stubborn merchandise from car paintwork or tough surfaces. Experienced Glue EX will not compromise the floor holding the product you are searching to take out, rather it will gently raise the likes of tar, glue, tree sap and heavily caught on decors or vinyls with its gentle agitating formulation. Merely spray the solution on, allow for to dwell for a limited period of time, then agitate with a microfibre until eventually all you are still left with is a freshly cleaned finish.

  • Gets rid of tar, glue & tree sap from challenging, painted surfaces
  • New formulation
  • Secure on any painted area
  • Prolonged dwell time for most performance
  • Will help to eliminate unwelcome stickers, decals & vinyls

Nanolex Si3D Max From £99.90

Formulated VOC-no cost making use of advanced condition of the art carriers, Nanolex Si3D MAX gives highest protection with effortless to cleanse houses and a thick protective coat can be anticipated to be created when utilized. Innovative additives make it possible for the sealant to reach its whole potential with 1 solitary layer which is pretty easy and risk-free to implement on all styles of painted surfaces, which includes rims and challenging plastic pieces. The high layer thickness indicates the depth of colour is maximised tremendously, jointly with optimum hydrophobic attributes.

  • Thick layer for highest protection
  • Quick to clean up outcome
  • Optimum Hydrophobicity
  • Higher gloss end

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