June 7, 2023


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Akrapovic + PSI midpipe + VSC-2 controller on G80 M3



put in took about 3-3.5 hours with pizza+beer and waiting around on a 13mm deep socket (required for the midpipe -> downpipe link). reducing the akrapovic titanium pipes flatten sawzall blade, lol.

bought my PSI midpipe again in october, i had zero clearance troubles with the center brace, so satisfied about that.

the only true challenge is the valve controller cable duration. due to the fact the akrapovic exhaust valves are much, considerably closer to the rear of the car, the stock cables 1000% do not access, with the VSC-2 controller, we were being ready to make it get to, but man i actually would like to find a set of extension cables.. everyone know??

Driving Experience / Assessment

set about ~50 miles on it so considerably.

i had to bimmercode out lively seem (ASD). with the valves thoroughly open and ASD on, it basically hurt my ears within the cabin.

Valves closed, its amazingly tame and civil, zero drone, comfy at any driving speeds.

Sport+ and valves in manufacturing facility settings, the exhaust is loud, but noticeably linear in terms of noise to throttle/pace. This is nonetheless terrific for spirited driving or just making the most of the car.

VSC-2 controller in open up environment, meaning valves 100% open up 100% of the time, there is considerable drone < 4k RPM, its loud, feels like the sound comes right through my skull, lol. This is only for very very spirited or track driving, where you are wearing earplugs and a helmet, IMHO. too much drone or just too loud.

the distinct sounds between valves open and closed is very much appreciated. i also didn’t think i could get that deep of a sound out of a straight 6 either. very happy overall.


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