June 7, 2023


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5 Strategic Auto Brands’ Mistakes


This blog seeks to highlight some inconsistencies or oddities that car manufacturers may have committed. So here are a few remarks and anecdotes on the subject (more or less good, it will be up to you to judge)


1. Peugeot: i-Cockpit 3D for the 208 But Not for the 508?


Released fairly close together, one wonders how Peugeot could have imagined better equipping the city car compared to the sedan … 


This could have been understood if the 508 had been released 3 years earlier, but with only a year difference it seems clumsy to better equip the city car than the sedan. 


In short, favoring the most important model (financially) may not seem so bad, but it ruins the consistency of the range, and especially the appeal of the most expensive products. 


2. Is Volkswagen Brightening Up Its Models?


Volkswagen wants to brighten up its models but is that necessary?

Putting bright colors in interiors with a design that lends itself to seriousness is a bit offbeat and lacks coherence. 


In short, the brand should keep its line of conduct rather than wanting to do like the Frenchy friends who are a hit, especially the Captur which has greatly influenced the VW group because of its colossal sales.


3. Unnoticed Differences in Scales


The first example at Audi, the Q2 comes largely on the flowerbeds of the Q3. 


The first measures 4.19 meters when the second displays 4.39 meters, the 20 cm difference here is a bit tight to clearly distinguish one from the other. So there is a good chance that Q2 will bring down Q3 sales.


Another more striking example, the Range Rover Velar is almost as big as the Range Rover Sport, only 5 cm apart between the two! 


It is difficult here to clearly distinguish the two in terms of positioning. Because if the Velar is officially between the Evoque and the RR Sport, it is stuck to the RR Sport, they are even almost a twin!


The Sport is better made and more luxurious. On the other hand, the Velar is more modern and stylized. Wouldn’t it have been better to have only one model combining all the qualities to enjoy the benefits of car valuation in the market?


4. Is Audi Denigrating Porsche?


The Porsche range is suffering a little at the moment. The Audi brand of the same group is directly hurting them by offering models that directly encroach on their range. 


The TT RS and its 400 hp are indeed an affront to the 911 and Cayman / Boxster 718. 


For roughly the same price, you have a 400 hp TT RS at Audi, while the Cayman S is limited to 350 hp. In addition, the TT offers 5 cylinders against 4 for the Porsche. 


Despite everything, the architecture of the Porsche remains largely superior with a mid/rear engine. The TT is content with a layout as noble as a Peugeot 108.


The Flat 4 is also a little more original technically speaking than the 5 cylinders of the Audi (but the 5 cylinders of the Audi are better). 

Finally, the 911 is also scratched because it offers less power for much more.


5. Is Mercedes Blurring Its Image?


As you probably know, Renault engines (slightly modified by Mercedes, admittedly) now equip the entry-level of certain models, including the Class A. 

However, the prestige of a brand is above all an image. And this premium image has been acquired over many decades thanks to prestigious models but also advanced technology (for Mercedes we can say this because the brand was a pioneer in a whole host of technologies, including ABS which they invented). 

As a result, Mercedes takes a risk towards its most informed customers by borrowing the 1.5 dCi and 1.6 dCi. This kind of thing has a real impact on the perception of the level of the range. In any case, whoever pays full price for his Mercedes is a little annoyed to have the same engine as a Dacia Sandero! Even if of course some elements change to strengthen the engine.

Suddenly, the question of whether Mercedes made a mistake is legitimate, because the brand image is partly tarnished. 

Were these discussions half-baked? Do the brands realize that a simple mistake can cause you to sell your car in Dubai and convert to another brand? Or to err is human, to “learn” is divine? 

Author: Mohamad Omary

 Mohamad Omary is the Managing Director of Car Wise. Car Wise.ae is a car buying company that has established itself as the go-to partner for those who want to quickly sell their used cars in the UAE; reaching 20,000 satisfied customers with their easy car selling process and excellent customer service.

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